Week of March 6

This week we welcomed our newest friend to Tiny Acorns--the elephant slide! Elephant slide is currently bringing joy and elephant awareness to the backyard. The children have been practicing going down the slide headfirst, backwards headfirst, and regular.

We've also been trying to get a handle on this wacky weather. One day it's sweater weather, the next it's snowing. One upside is that we did have an opportunity to catch snowflakes on Friday. The children still need some work on mastering the art of opening their mouths and leaning back at the same time. They can usually do both, but not both at once. However, given their age I think they will have lots of time to master their snowflake tasting skills.

We also spent time putting new seeds on our bird feeders. The feeders have seen a lot of activity recently, and we've enjoyed watching our bird friends (mostly sparrows) eating from them.

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