Gardening with toddlers

Now that spring is here we are going to start a study of seeds and plants! The children have begun to learn how to take care of plants by watering them, and we have started seeds in plastic bags so that we can watch them grow and observe their root system. We have plants in the garden that are aromatic (lavender and rosemary) and others that are beautiful or have nice an interesting texture (succulents). Hopefully we will also begin to enjoy the bounty that plants can give when our tomatoes and cucumbers start to bloom. We will also be planting salads, carrots, and sugar snap peas as soon as it gets dry enough to hang out outside!

Some books that we are reading on the subject are "The Carrot Seed," "The Tiny Seed," and "Plant Secrets." We have also been reading poems because April is poetry month! One poem the children really like is "Chocolate Milk" by Jack Prelutsky.

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