We have continued our study of seeds over the last two weeks. The children have been exploring black beans in our sensory bin, then they had a chance to watch them sprout! We each took three black beans, wrapped them in a paper towel, put them in a plastic bag and sprayed the inside with water. We have watched as the beans sprouted leaves, and have looked and touched them gently, even exploring their root systems. We will be planting them soon, and we have already planted carrot seeds in our vegetable garden!

We have also looked at the seeds in different fruit and vegetables. Some seeds are big (avocados), some are small (peppers), and some even appear on the outside (strawberries). We created some cherry blossom artwork with our hands and tissue paper that the children ripped on their own. And we did some celebrating on Cinco de Mayo. We made guacamole with the kids and danced to La Cucaracha!

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