Stop and Go

This week we have been working with the kids to learn about stop and go, as a preparation for beginning to go on neighborhood walks with our walking rope. The children learned the Spanish words, pare and avanza. They made stop and go signs, red, yellow and green lights, and even police hats so that they could pretend to be traffic cops. We played games where we clapped our hands fast for green, slow for yellow, and stopped for red. By the time we went out for a walk on Friday we were well prepared, and even had some homemade binoculars for seeing the sights as we walked to the train station around the corner. The children were amazing listeners and stopped when they saw our stop sign and walked when they saw the go. We saw both a B and a Q train heading towards Manhattan, and talked about the leaves on the trees, noting that soon they would be turning different colors. Next week we will be going on some more walks to search for acorns and the slides at the 139 playground.

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