We are families!

As part of our family unit we have invited a few families to come in and do a show and tell about their babies, both present and anticipated! This week Diane, Baxter's mom came in and showed us her very pregnant tummy. She brought in a pineapple to show the children what the approximate size of the baby was. They got to feel how heavy the baby was and gently pat and kiss Diane's tummy! They also thought about what the baby would be like when he came out and what he would need. We decided he would be much more noisy and high maintenance than a pineapple, but less bumpy and delicious.

Earlier this month we also had Sarah and Sam's parents come in to show us Freya (aka Freddy), Simone's new sister. Simone has become a real expert on babies and taught us about how to take care of Freddy. She told us how babies eat and sleep. We also learned how to touch babies gently, preferable on the feet, and then the kids were able to

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