Bomb cyclone!

We had a shorter week thanks to the bomb cyclone that hit our region and introduced a new term into our winter lexicon. Thankfully we were able have fun on all the days while we were in session. We started talking about winter animals, and made polar bears and mittens in art. We created a new tree to grace our walls, a tree with snow. As the weeks move along we will also populate our tree with some winter animals. We even managed to go outside one day when it was a balmy 30 degrees!

We also played with snow after the big storm. Unfortunately we could only play with it inside because it's too cold to play outside right now, but maybe next week we will have some relief from the cold temperatures and get outside. The kids loved scooping, molding, and even eating the snow (fortunately it was snow from the porch, so it was clean and pristine). We used our droppers to put food coloring on it and "paint" the snow. Later that day we created paintings from paint we dripped onto paper and either blew around with straws or rolled a ball around to spread the colors. The paintings look beautiful!

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