We took advantage of the warmish weather, plus snow in the backyard, to have a lot of winter fun this week! The children made snow people, buried themselves in snow, dug themselves out of snow, and ate a lot of the snow when the teachers gave them some clean handfuls to eat. They also created snowflakes from pipe cleaners and beads, and, like each true snowflake, the projects were as unique as their creators!

We have also been talking more about winter animals, with a focus on penguins or pinguinos. We read books about penguins and talked about their habits in the wild. The children learned that Emperor Penguins live in herds and gather close together to keep warm. They also learned that Emperor Penguin parents slip their babies underneath them to keep the baby nice and cozy. The kids made penguin projects and learned a new song (sung to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot):

I'm a little penguin/black and white

Stout and fluffy/what a sight!

I can't fly/but I love to swim

So I waddle to the water/and dive right in!

We have also been reading the book, The Mitten. The story involves a bunch of animals shacking up in a young boy's mitten, seven animals in all! And one of them is a bear! The children made their own mittens and decorated them. They also colored the animals that inhabited the mitten, although the animals were not to scale : ) Next week we will be looking at BEARS!!!

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