Theo's Birthday!

We started the week off right with a birthday party! Theo had his 3rd birthday with us on Tuesday. We enjoyed juice boxes and some amazing Cookie Monster cupcakes. Between the Cookie Monster, panda, and Elmo cupcakes, I have to say the parents here are really setting the bar high! Now Eli expects me to come up with something fancy for his birthday ; )

We have been exploring bears and hibernation over the past week. We talked about what animals do when it gets cold. Some migrate and some hibernate to make it through the winter. We have read books like "Bear Snores On," "Blueberries for Sal," and "Hibernation Hotel." We played a freeze dance game where the children danced when the music played and lay down to hibernate when the music paused. We have also made bear projects--a bear cave, a bear face, and bear hats!

We also looked at the homes that some animals carry on their backs. The children looked at a turtle shell and a hermit shell crab. We passed the shells around and observed their textures and colors. The children showed great patience as each one waited his or her turn with a shell! We have also been rescuing animals from ice. We froze a few different plastic animals and had the children free them using water, chopsticks, and brute force! Next week we will continue to talk about bears and set up our own little hibernation stations around the school.

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