I'm a gummy bear!!!!

This week we got out our bear claws and roared, as we embraced our bear natures! The children created bear hats and bear hibernation caves. We also set up some hibernation stations around the school. The children danced to music, and when the music paused they hibernated inside their caves. Their favorite song to greet the spring is "I'm a Gummy Bear."

We have been talking about all of the other animals that hibernate when it gets cold, and how they curl up into a ball, or sleep together in groups to conserve their body heat.

We have also started to talk about birds during the winter. Some migrate and some stay put. We made some cardinals, blue jays, and owls to put up on our winter tree, since those are some of the birds that stick around during the winter months. Next week we will make some bird feeders to help out our feathered friends who stay up north with us.

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