National Love Your Pet Day!

Last week we unintentionally celebrated National Love Your Pet Day! (Not to be confused with National Pet Day, April 11, or National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, October 10.)

National Love Your Pet Day is on February 20, and we celebrated it in style with two lovely guinea pigs named Ginger and Latte. They were guests in the house last week because Felix's school was closed for a break, and the lovely ladies needed a home since they normally reside in class 4C. We were great guinea pig caretakers, and the kids learned a little more about these cute animals and how to care for them.

They noticed that the girls were soft, brown, had whiskers, no tails to speak of, and kind of weird feet. They all took turns petting them gently, and learned that guinea pigs like to be held close to the chest if picked up. They also learned the Spanish word for guinea pig, which is cuy (pronounced coo-ee). We discovered they like eating spinach leaves, but are not so found of blueberries. Strange.

We made guinea pig projects that were brown and white in honor of Ginger and Latte's coloring. The children used cotton balls to paint their cuy, and then stuck the cotton balls on their heads where they have white fur. We also began using scissors and cut some paper hair. Then we glued the cuttings on paper to get an extra art project out of it. Of course we went out to the playground for the balmy, springlike day we had in the middle of the week.

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