Feelings. . . .

Feelings. Everyone has them, but when you're 2.5 to 3.5 it can be hard to control them. (When you're 25 to 35, and older, it can also be hard to control them, but that's another matter!) This month in school we will be talking about our emotions, and how to handle them when we feel big ones like anger, frustration, or fear.

We have read books like Finn Throws a Fit, Today I Feel Silly, and Glad Monster Sad Monster, to explore different emotions. We also read the book, Happy, which talked about being a "happy helper." The children thought about how they could be happy helpers to the people they care about. Some ideas they had were about helping their parents more or hugging their friends when they are sad.

We have also put up a chart on our wall with different columns for each feeling. During morning meeting we have begun to ask the kids how they feel, and they will put their names under the emotion they are experiencing at the time.

This week we felt a bit anxious and surprised about the looming snowstorm, then happy when it passed without too much snow! We did a snow project where the children collected snow and then placed it on tissue paper so that the colors of the tissue paper bled onto another piece of paper beneath. The effect was very beautiful, and the projects look amazing!

Baxter and Simone feel very interested in this book, while Pearl is feeling bored

Pearl is feeling excited now!

Collecting snow for our project!

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