Getting ready to garden!

Happy Spring! Last week we started to get into the gardening spirit. We created collages with pictures of flowers, vegetables, and fruit from seed catalogues. Then we started looking at the seeds themselves.

We first looked at grass seeds and noticed that they were small and green. Then we planted the seeds inside a ball of soil that we put into a stocking in order to make chia heads! Later, the children decided if their chia heads were happy or sad and Maria drew a face that corresponded with that feeling.

We talked about what seeds need to grow--water, sun, and air--and the children have been diligently spraying them with water each day. Hopefully the grass will grow on their heads, giving their faces a lovely green hairdo. As of this week the seeds have already begun to sprout some odd looking white stubble.

Last week we also planted some sugar snap peas in our garden plot. First we looked at the pea seeds, noticing that they were larger than the grass seeds, round, and also green. We soaked some seeds before planting them, and observed how the seeds in the water were bigger than the dry ones, and sunk to the bottom. Later that day we read about compost in the book Compost Stew, and enriched the soil in our garden bed by pouring compost in and spreading it around. Afterwards we planted our peas, and will hopefully plant more crops in the coming days.

We are also continuing to talk about our feelings and ways to cope with really big emotions like anger or frustration. We have been looking at belly breathing with one of our friends at Sesame Street:

The children really enjoy helping the monster calm down, and we created our own monster! The children painted a sheet of paper green and Maria and Eliana cut it out to a gigantic monster that is currently gracing our wall. They know they can touch the monster's belly if they are mad or sad, or do their own belly breathing, or walk away, or drink water to help calm down.

Creating garden collages

Filling up the chia hair net

Watering our chia

Coloring a face for the chia

Watering the chia, and hopefully not our friends

Dry peas

Wet peas

Art peas

Mixing our compost into the soil

Let us dance to celebrate our new crop!

Some like to sing, some like to critique (notice the hands over the ears)

Tomoko's last class with us before her maternity leave

Ajooni and Eli are already missing her!

Painting our green monster

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