Easter eggs!

This week we spent some time talking about eggs and dyeing them for Easter! We made egg pictures and balanced plastic and wooden eggs. We also read the book Chickens Aren't the Only Ones, which talks about eggs and the many animals who produce them. Then we talked about the chicken eggs we are familiar with, and their shape and color.

We learned that we could dye the eggs different colors by putting food dye into whipped cream and then rolling the eggs around in the mixture. All the children had a chance to try this out and then we left the eggs in the whipped cream so that they could soak up the colors. When we were done the children washed them off and admired the different colors on their eggs. Later, the children decorated the eggs even more with stickers. We also read the book, Max's Chocolate Chicken about an Easter egg hunt that goes awry when Max steals the chocolate chicken and eats it all by himself!

The children are also preparing for spring! Maria made a new tree for the class which we will decorate with flowers that the children created. They used tissue paper that they crumpled and glued on themselves to decorate the flowers in bright colors.

Have a wonderful spring break with your families! We look forward to seeing you all back here in the second week of April!

Learning about eggs

Learning how to dye eggs (Guy is taking a picture of the process with his camera)

Getting our hands dirty to color the eggs (in a yummy whipped cream mix, the kids were able to try a few licks later that day)

Adding stickers to our finished eggs

Making egg pictures

Making our flowers

Sometimes you have to dance like no one's watching

Sometimes you have to make a conga line

And sometimes, if you're Baxter, you have to do leprechaun jig

Now children, when I lift up this parachute jump I would like you all to go nuts...

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