Say hello to my little friends!

Last week the children began a study of garden worms! We received a new shipment of worms over the spring break (yes, you can buy worms on Amazon in case you were wondering), and have been observing them closely with our magnifying glasses! We noticed they are brownish-red, wriggly, legless, and enjoy joining together into a ball whenever they are taken out of their home.

Their home is a worm bin that we are filling with food scraps. We read the book, "Wonderful Worms," which explains how worms move underground by eating earth and rotting leaves, creating tunnels for the roots of plants to stretch into and producing castings (aka worm poop), that will also feed the plants. Worms really are wonderful!

We did a few experiments to see what conditions worms like the best. We put them in the middle of a container one day, then put two towels on either side. One towel was wet and one was dry. When the worms moved under the wet towel we saw that they like it damp, not dry. The next day we put them in the same container, but this time we had apple scraps on one side and pieces of bread on the other. The worms gravitated to the fruit scraps, and thus we learned that they enjoy apples and other fruits or vegetables more than bread. Maybe they're gluten free?

We have also been counting play dough worms, giving our Chia heads haircuts, reading a hilarious book called "We Are Growing!" about grass growing, and celebrating Michael's birthday! It was a fun week that was capped off by an unusually warm Friday that allowed us to go to the playground.

Getting excited about worms

Getting a bit too excited about worms and squishing them in the process. That's ok Evi!

Giving our worms some food scraps

Wetting the towel for our experiment

Will the worms go to the wet or dry side?

Counting play dough worms

Observing the worms

Painting our own worms

Time to give the grass a haircut. This Chia head does not seem happy about it!

Liam explores yellow

Just hanging out by the water cooler. Gossiping.

Are you there Sam? It's me, Guy!

Another little garden friend!

Michael tries to flee from the thought of becoming one year older

Michael accepts his fate

Michael tries to convince us that he is three fingers old. Come on, Michael! We know you just turned 5!

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