What do worms like?

Last week we tried to add to our knowledge of our invertebrate friend, the worm. We looked at what we knew about worms--they like wet habitats over dry ones, fruit and veggies over other foods--and made a chart of their preferences. Then we asked, do they like it dark or light?

We did an experiment where we placed a few worms in the middle of a container with a lantern on one end, and a few dark cardboard rolls surrounding them. We noticed how the worms squirmed away from the light and headed for the rolls. A few hours later we went back to our container and looked for our worms. They were nowhere to be seen, not even in the rolls. When we lifted up the lantern we discovered them all! They had wriggled underneath the lantern, which turned out to be the darkest place they could find. Clever worms!

This week we also made new slime and explored how we could make another color by mixing two together. We made blue and yellow batches, and mushed them together until they turned green! We have also been reading a lot of poems in honor of poetry month. We have been reading "The 20th Century Children's Poetry Treasury" and "You and Me: Poems of Friendship," as well as other poetry books. The children have memorized a few of the poems we've been practicing together, and will be bringing some poems home on "Poem in Your Pocket Day" which falls on April 24

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