Gardening and Sarah's birthday!

The weather is getting consistently warm-ish, and last week we began planting more seeds. We started by looking at the seeds for different veggies that are good for planting in early spring--carrots, spinach, lettuce, and radish. We noticed the different colors and sizes of each seed, and then had some fun shaking the the bags to see the sounds they made! Later we went outside and planted our seeds in nice rows, much like the rows Strega Nona makes in the book, "Strega Nona's Harvest" that we read later.

Last week we also created pictures of the veggies we will be growing. Some of the pictures will be used as markers for the garden so that we know exactly when we planted them and when we can start harvesting. Yum!

This month we have been reading a lot of poems and thinking about rhyme. Many of the children have been able to recognize rhyming words and use that knowledge to make their own rhymes! Some of the books we read recently to reinforce these concepts are "Nothing Rhymes with Orange" and "Giraffe and a Half." Last week we also celebrated Poem in Your Pocket Day by drawing on some of the poems we have been learning and taking them home to impress everyone with our poetry chops! Poetry month is almost over, but we will continue to read poetry because it's just so fun!

Last week we also celebrated Sarah's birthday! As you can see by her cake, she celebrated her 7th birthday, but she doesn't look a day over 6 ; ) Happy birthday, Sarah!

Behold! Carrot seeds!

We shall plant them, and then blow three kisses to the moon like Strega Nona does

Maria wears her special planting glasses and protective head gear to get the job done!

Nice planting Penny!

Good work, Sam!

Woohoo! Spinach!

First we plant, then we water!

Meanwhile, a roly poly bug is discovered in another part of the backyard. . . .

A rock is discovered in Pearl's shoe

Children dance to celebrate a new spring planting

Children continue to dance

Children look forlorn about the dance party ending

Don't worry children, you can cook after your dance party!

Nothing like a nice nap after a meal


Clown Cake!


Old school cameras!

We end our post with a 3-headed bear/donkey/kangaroo creature, because nothing can measure up to such a mythical beast. Nice work Simone!

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