Boy's Day, Tomoko, and Baby Koko!!

Last week we began preparing for the Japanese holiday of Boy's Day, the counterpart to Girl's Day that we celebrated in March. Just like Girl's Day is celebrated on the third day of the third month, Boy's Day (or Tango no Sekku) is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month (May 5). In the days leading up to the holiday, Japanese families raise kites shaped like koi (a.k.a carp) fish, and display warrior helmets.

In our class we made our own fish kites out of the perennial favorite of crafting preschoolers everywhere--the noble paper towel roll. The children glued their scales onto the fish, and gave them eyes and tails. We noticed how fish have their eyes on either side of the head, not facing forward like we do. Then we went outside and tested our own fish kite to see how it blows in the wind. The kite is supposed to resemble a fish swimming in the breeze, and the koi fish are revered for their perseverance in swimming upstream. According to tradition, we made warrior helmets and had the children decorate them so that they looked super fierce. We also read the books, "A Carp for Kimiko" and a Japanese fairy tale called, "The Funny Little Woman"

We had a special treat at the end of the week on Friday when Tomoko came by for her first post-baby music lesson! We even got to meet Tomoko's husband, Yuske, and of course her beautiful new daughter, Koko! Tomoko shared more with us about the traditions of Boy's Day and marveled at the helmets the kids were wearing.

We ended the week with another fierce warrior epic--May the Fourth Be With You Day (May 4) was celebrated via t-shirts worn by Eliana, Eli, Pearl, and Sam. We also did a project for Cinco de Mayo where the kids counted and cut balls to decorate a sombrero. May is shaping up to be a very busy month!

Waiting for Tomoko to make her appearance

Waiting. . .

Still waiting. . .


Baxter rocks out to Tomoko's set

Baxter waited on line for two days to get tickets to this show. Totally worth it!

The children swarm Tomoko for hugs

Yay for daddy and baby Koko!

Flying a carp kite

Making a carp kite

Brooklyn Sammy

One of the Blues Brothers makes an appearance at the playground. Love your work!

Worm, a.k.a lombriz in Spanish

Feeling the breeze


Playing with the tunnel on a rainy day

Cinco de Mayo sombreros

May the Fourth Be With You!!

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