I love my mom!

At Tiny Acorns we really love our moms! Last week we talked about why we love our moms, read books about mothers, and created beautiful gifts for our beautiful mamas!

We decorated flower pots with beads, then Maria took pictures of the all the children, and glued the pictures on the pots! Later we planted our Mother's Day pots with care, love, and intense concentration. The flowers we used are annuals, and will bloom all summer if given light, water, and pruning (just take off the dead flower heads so that new ones can grow).

Eliana taught the children a Spanish tongue-twister about mothers:

Mi mama

Me mima

Mi mama

Me ama

Yo amo a mi mama

(It means, my mama spoils me, my mama loves me, and I love my mama)

We also asked all the kids, why do you love your mother? Here are their answers in alphabetical order:

Ajooni: Because she plays with me

Baxter: Because when she goes to work, I still love her

Eli: Because she helps me

Evi: Because she hugs me

Guy: Because she always picks me up

Liam: Because I do! Because she plays with me

Lola: Because mama does everything

Oscar: Because she sometimes lets me watch her phone in the car

Pearl S.: Because she made me a big sister, and her kisses

Pearlie A.: Because she gives me candy!

Penny: Because she helps me do things I like to do, like collage

Sam: Because she reads me books

Simone: Because of her hugs

Tessa: Because she makes things

Theo: Because she gives me hugs

Well, we all love you too, because you made such sweet kids!

Making our Mother's Day presents! Even Batman has a Batmom

Sometimes beads were glued onto hands in the process of making the flower pots

Some reasons we love our mothers. . . .

Planting our Mother's Day flower pots. With intense concentration.

All the snails are coming up because of the wet weather.

Playing with Crystal Climbers

"My Mom is Magical," starring Evi's shirt

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