We took in some more new friends last week, when we brought in 5 caterpillars! We have been reading books about the caterpillars, and learned that they have four stages in their life cycle. The first is egg, the second is caterpillar (or larva), the next is chrysalis (or pupa), and the last is butterfly. The kids really enjoy saying the word "pupa" to describe the chrysalis stage, I wonder why? We also learned the word "metamorphosis" to describe the changes the butterfly goes through. Not surprisingly, that word is also a mouthful for the kids, and we've heard some interesting variations of the word,

When the caterpillars first came to us they were so tiny, but then they ate and ate, just like "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," and eventually they grew to the size of a child's pinkie finger! We created our own caterpillars out of pompoms and pipe cleaners. Each child counted out 9 pompoms and strung them on the pipe cleaner. When they were finished, some of them made their own homes for their caterpillars out of the blocks!

Now the caterpillars have become pupa (hey, it is a fun word to say!), and our pupa is hanging from their butterfly home. We should see them emerge by next week, and may be able to coordinate their release with our end of year party!

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