Our Butterflies Have Grown Wings!

A few weeks ago our butterflies grew wings and flew off, both literally and figuratively!

In the literal sense, our caterpillars that we had been raising made their chrysalises (aka pupas), and hung out like that for 4 or 5 days. Then one morning they were suddenly butterflies, having burst out of their chrysalises while everyone was sleeping. Sneaky insects! We fed them fruit, and enjoyed their company for one more day before setting them free in the backyard. They were all raring to go, and wasted no time saying goodbye to us as they flew away to grab some nectar and perhaps make more Painted Lady Butterfly eggs out in the wild. Go nature!

In the figurative sense our own boys and girls grew wings as we ended this semester of school. We celebrated in style with a stepping up party where diplomas and hugs were given out to all. Some of the children will be flying off to other schools either over the summer or in September. Some of them will be with us for another year. But wherever they will be, they will always be part of our Tiny Acorns community, and will always be welcome back here for visits. The same goes for all of you wonderful parents!

Observing our beautiful butterflies

Saying one last goodbye!

Off we go into . . . Nature!

Baxter looks skeptical about this operation

We recreate the butterflies flight with our own painted butterfly projects!

Getting ready for the party

Throwing some water balloons!

Maria, the dispenser of water balloons, all the while looking stylish in pearls!

Posing with some helium balloons

Eating ice cream cake!

Giving out ice cream cake!

Grownup talk!

More grownup talk!

Nuff said! We love you all!

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