Making new friends

The start of summer has meant the introduction of some new friends into the school! We have four new students--Rami, Juniper, Nomi, and Eamon--who have started with us this month. We are all getting to know each other, and adjust to the routines of the school. The children who are "old-hands" here have been really considerate of their new friends, and often give them extra hugs or share their toys and animal buddies to make them feel more welcome.

We are also spending more time in the water now that it's become warmer. The children really enjoy getting the water tables out again and playing in the sprinkler!

We have also had another new friend visiting our garden. A black swallowtail butterfly has been flitting around the veggie patch, dropping down on the carrot sprouts. Since the black swallowtail often lays its eggs on plants that are in the carrot family, we checked the leaves of the carrots and discovered a lot of little white eggs! Perhaps we will have some caterpillars munching on our carrots in a few days? Although we've been looking forward to pulling up our carrots, if the caterpillars need them to grow we're happy to let them eat from our garden.

Rami paints his masterpiece

Can you guess whose feet are behind the easel?

Felix made an appearance as a guest reader

Eamon likes the water!

Our lovely black swallowtail

Can you spot the egg on the leaf?

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