New School Year! Happy Birthday Eliana!

The beginning of the school year is always a bit nerve-wracking, regardless of your child's age. It often can be more nerve-wracking for parents than children, as we think about dropping off our children for the first time, and remember our own school experiences!

Our first three days were pretty great, however, and the children seem to be adjusting well to their new environment, friends, and teachers. In the beginning of the year we concentrate on making all our new students feel comfortable, and getting them adjusted to our routines. So far the new students have been very receptive to learning about our day, and the older students have been great about showing them the ropes!

This week we also celebrated Eliana's birthday! Eliana is such a good teacher that her birthday was on the first day of school! Her birthday coincided with the birth of one of our butterflies. Those of you who were with us before may remember that we had a black swallowtail butterfly lay eggs on our carrot plants. Once we realized that nature is cruel and the caterpillars we being eaten by birds, we took in all of the rest of the caterpillars and raised them, feeding them carrot stalks. Although this severely impacted our carrot crop, the sacrifice was worth it. So far we have had four butterflies hatch with us and have two more chrysalises to go!

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