Introducing Vicki! And lots of other new friends!

Last week we welcomed another new teacher Vicki Cataquet! Vicki has been teaching in preschool for over 13 years. She worked at Sunflower Daycare for many years, and loves working with all ages, but her heart especially belongs to the 3's. She and I (Bryna) will be working co-teaching the 3's class when we do move into our new location. In the meantime, Vicki is starting to get to know everyone and learn about our school.

We have been enjoying the last days of summer weather. Now that we are starting to come together as a group, and have learned the routines of the school, we will start focusing on the weather and talking about fall! Halloween is a very special time for kids and we look forward to talking about that, too.

Vicki reads with the kids. Yay!

Starstruck with Eleanor

Madeleine Mo, future gardener.

Ocean takes grocery shopping very seriously.

Do you know how fast you were going, Cosmo?

To the moon, Oren!

Eating rolls with friends

Bryna photobombs Matthew. Surprise!

Rami contemplates clementines. If they're seedless, how do they grow them?

Snail hunting. Or twig collecting. Whatever is happening, Liam is wearing his special boots for the job.

Vicki leads circle time

Nate finds a cozy spot

Vivian both sees and saws

Eliana find a rolie polie bug in the garden. Nature at work!

Nomi is trending pink

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