Tiny Pumpkins

Last week we looked at a perennial favorite of the fall season—pumpkins! We spent circle time thinking about the features of pumpkins and passed around a small one for the children to observe. Some of the things we noticed about it:

  • It’s orange

  • It’s smooth

  • It’s small

  • It has a stem at the top

We asked the children what they thought it was like on the inside, and they told us they thought it would be orange on the inside and have seeds, and they were right! We took another pumpkin that had been cut in half and confirmed their guesses. Then we passed around a bowl with pumpkin seeds in it to see how they felt. The children agreed that the seeds were white, small, and slimy. After they had dried a bit, we put them in our sensory trays for the children to touch and transfer by spooning them into cups.

Later that day we began making pumpkin prints using our pumpkin halves, and after they dried we turned the prints into jack-o-lanterns by adding triangles and circles to make faces.

We have also been playing with pumpkin seed slime and reading about pumpkins. Two books on rotation were the “Runaway Pumpkin” and “Five Little Pumpkins.” This week we will be talking more about Halloween in preparation for the holiday. We have already begun making spooky spiders, (aranas in Spanish, if anyone can help me figure out how to make an "n" with the squiggly line on top shoot me an email) and green witches (brujas).

Nomi has been preparing to become a big sister by taking care of the babies. Go Nomi!

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