New space, new routines, and Halloween!

Last week we had our first week at the new space and it was a blast! We were able to start music and gym lessons. Our children from last year know our music teacher Tomoko well, but for those who began with us in September she was a new face. Fortunately Tomoko is an amazing music teacher, who is able to capture the kids attention and make music fun! She used scarves and songs for her first week with the kids.

At Prospect Gymnastics we are all learning the names of the coaches who will be instructing the class, since this is our first partnership with the gym. Coaches Brianna and Bryan taught the kids. The youngest class is getting an unstructured free-play where they can jump, run, and slide. The older ones get some free-play and then a structured class where they learn how to balance on the beam and somersault.

This week we also had Halloween festivities on Wednesday. We had three bees, two astronauts, and two owls! We even did some trick-or-treating and stopped by Prospect Gymnastics for some raisin boxes which we ate after nap.

Liam tries out the trampoline

Balancing on the beam

Coach Brian helps with somersaults

We sing with Tomoko!

Two cats and an owl

Two owls

A cat and a mouse: an unlikely friendship

Two bees

A super teacher reading a book to two astronauts, a cat, and one bee out of costume

A tiger pauses

Two bees!

A ladybug doing a bee puzzle

Tiny Acorns gets another fire inspection

A mouse, two bees, and a princess read "Caps for Sale"

Three tutus

An owl and an astronaut smile for a selfie

A bee retrieves a pink bunny

Trick or treat!

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