Tree explorers!

This month we began an exploration of trees in our school. The children have been noticing that the leaves are starting to change color and fall off. In the older class Vicki asked the kids what they know about trees, and here are some of their reflections:

Trees are big

Some trees change to orange

Some trees are yellow and green

Some trees are falling

Trees have branches

Trees have poison oak

Both the older and younger classes had the chance to go on a nature walk to collect leaves and learn about the different shapes and colors of the leaves around our school.

We noticed that there are a lot of Honey Locust trees, which have slender, yellow leaves and brown seed pods. We also collected some Stinko-Gingko leaves, so named (in my family, at least) because the female tree grows and releases pale orange seeds that are really smelly when stepped on. The seeds may be gross, but the leaves are a beautiful fan-shape which turn yellow in Autumn.

Our nature walk also gave us the opportunity to explore the blocks around us. We saw that one home had a few bird feeders that some sparrows were enjoying. We saw a few evergreen trees and bushes which will not be losing their leaves. And we even saw a few horses trotting around on the other side of Caton Avenue right by the bocce ball court!

We took our leaves back to the school and made leaf collages from them. We also made paintings and paper collages of trees which we will send home at the end of the week!

Bird feeders!

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