Arrivals, departures, birthdays, and Thanksgiving

It’s good to say hello but it’s hard to say goodbye! Sometimes you have to do both at once, and this last week was one instance of that. It was Vivian’s last week with us as her family moves out of Brooklyn and off to Westchester. We had a party for her to mark the occasion and it was bittersweet to see her leave, knowing that we would miss her but she would have a great time in her new home. This week we also had a new arrival with the addition of Casio. We have also had the pleasure to add Roxy to the school over the past month!

Before Thanksgiving we celebrated Robbie’s third birthday. and thought about what we are thankful for. In the Sprouts class we had a circle time to discuss that question. At first the children talked about how they are thankful for turkey, cookies, and other goodies to eat, but after reading the "Thank You Book" by Mo Willems where Piggie thanks all of her friends, the children started thinking about the people they are thankful for. Many of them said they were thankful for their friends and family. It's good to be happy for delicious treats, but it's even better to be grateful for those who love us!

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