Happy New Year!

We began a new year and returned to Tiny Acorns last week! Winter may be here, but the weather was fairly balmy, so we took the Sprouts class to the Parade Grounds to enjoy some time outside. The first day we spent time near the baseball field and explored the sand. The second day we went there were actually people using the ball field, so we played it safe (pun intended), and used a different field to avoid getting bonked with a baseball. In the other field there were large piles of leaves for us to enjoy! We collected them, threw them up in the air, poked them with sticks, and buried ourselves in them. Rami made a "house" for himself with his leaves, but a lot of friends ran through it so we decided to leave the door open.

In the Seeds class the children began a new unit on Body Parts and the Five Senses. They created faces in art, and have been singing songs like "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," and "Where is Thumbkin?" They have also been talking about the different things body parts do with regards to the five senses. The Seeds class also welcomed a new friend, Milo, who is going to be with us on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The kids have been very welcoming and Milo has been adjusting to our school really well!

We also welcomed Chuck's moms to our classroom for their family share. Chuck's "Mama Bear" played her guitar and sang a really cool and catchy song they made up called "This and That." All the kids got a chance to sing their names and show off an item during the song. Then we danced! It was a wonderful share, among many wonderful family shares we have had these past few weeks. I will be putting up a post soon with pictures from the shares that happened last month, and we still have more opportunity for sharing if your family hasn't done so yet!


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