Two birthdays and an exclamation mark!

Last week we celebrated not one, but two birthdays! Jaden and Eleanor both had December birthdays, and while we didn't get to celebrate them before the break, it's never too late to share cupcakes and good times!

We also had two family shares. Matthew, Ellie, and Theo's mom came in and made slime with the school. Pearl's parents came in and read a story about a young scientist. Then the kids became scientists too, and experimented to see what objects sink or float.

In the Seeds class the kids continue to talk about their body parts. They made large outlines of their bodies and colored them in using markers and dots. Then they made smaller versions of stick bodies using cut out paper and glue. They have been playing with the Mr. Potato Head and adding arms where arms shouldn't be.

The Sprouts class has been talking about emotions and exploring their feelings. They talked about happiness and what makes them happy. Some of the things that give them joy are:

-when mommy and daddy hug me

-when my sister tickles me

-when papa leaves me at school

-when my brother laughs

-exclamation marks!

Here at Tiny Acorns, we love exclamation marks too!!!

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