Gym and Music!

January 28, 2019

We don't always get a chance to talk about our gym and music programs, but both enrichment programs deserve their own blog every once in awhile! In gym the Sprouts get a class in the beginning of their time, where they work with either Coach Breanna or Coach Bryan. The children are learning how to stretch, balance, and somersault. The coaches set up "circuits" for the children to try out all of these skills. They may have to walk down a balance beam, lift a hula hoop and roll it, and then swing on the rings. Not only are they becoming more comfortable in their physicality, but doing the circuit requires them to use their listening skills as the coach explains to them the different steps in the circuit, wait patiently for their turn, and then follow the directions. It's a lot of work for any three-year-old, but they are awesome!


Because of their age, the Seeds class gets "open play" rather than gym class. It's usually hard for two-year-olds to have the same patience and attention span. But they are thrilled to jump on the trampoline, try out the balance beam, and swing on the rings. They look to the older kids lead to see how to work the equipment, and seem to be learning from their example.


In music, Tomoko has been teaching the kids how to read and discern music. In the Sprouts class the children have been learning about different instruments. Tomoko brought in a "cajon," a square drum from Peru, and let the children try it out. She had them turn their backs to her while she played different instruments and let them guess what they were hearing. She has also been teaching the students the Do Re Mi scale, and even how to read the musical notes! 


In the Seeds class the children get less musical instruction because of their age, but Tomoko is still teaching them the Do Re Mi's and how to read music on a smaller scale. She also does a lot of singing, dancing, and scarf twirling with them!


 Rami reaches for the sky

 Liam on the hula hoop

 Jaden waits for his turn to somersault 

Baxter uses some super balancing skills 

 Pearl and Sam wait to use the hula hoop

Sam holds his hoop aloft 

Vicki does some balancing with Pearl and Oren 

 Commando crawling

 Waiting to start a circuit


Oren gets to swing 

Some swinging from Sam

 More swinging from Jaden

Theo on the trampoline

Nomi pauses 

Lots of jumping!

 Tomoko brings a cajon to school

Baxter gives it a go! 

 Can you guess which instrument Tomoko is playing?



 Robbie strums

Eleanor strums


 Chuck strums while Rami and Pearl share a hug

The kids get keyboards to look at 

They put stickers on the keys to show where Do Re Mi are 


Roxy is proud of her work! 

 The younger kids get smaller keyboards



Imani has her own little keyboard 

They look at the treble clef 



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