Super Sprouts!

The children of the Sprouts class have been talking a lot about superheroes, so last week we decided to make some superhero masks for them to wear. Using a template provided by Baxter's mask, we drew the mask shape onto felt. Then we cut them out and the kids decorated them. When it was time to show off their masks the kids told us what their superhero names were.

We also talked about what superheroes are and what they do. The children said that a superhero is someone that saves people and named some of the superheroes we know like Batman, Gecko, Wonder Woman, and Owlette. We hope that they know with great power comes great responsibility, and use their super powers for good!

Robbie chose a yellow mask

Is that Liam or Spiderman?

Roxie draws on her mask

Super Elvira

Sam dons his mask

Liam, or is it. . . .?

Eleanor chose a square and circle for her mask

Eamon is a sweater superhero

Roxy tries out the ukulele

Lola gives it a shot

Pearl strums

Eamon gives it a go

Liam rocks out

Everyone dances

Superheroes know how to put together puzzles

Waiting to use the green, roley, doohickey and then pass it back to our friend.

Liam crawls on the balance beam. Coach Breanna asked them to do this part on their knees so he was being a great listener!

Baxter tries to step on the frogs' eyes

Coach Breanna helps Pearl out

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