PJ Day, Snow Day, and Lily's Birthday!

Last week was pretty packed with events. Aside from Valentines Day, we celebrated Lily's birthday on Monday, and then we had two PJ days, one on Tuesday and the other on Friday. And then to top it all off, we got some snow on Tuesday to make us even more inclined to snuggle up in our jammies!

The children looked wonderful in the pajamas! We celebrated by making waffles, which the kids helped us mix, and then while the waffles were cooking we read the bedtime books that were brought in. Tomoko was there on both days, and helped get us in the mood by wearing her pajamas and singing lullabies to each class.

We also enjoyed the snow that came last week. Although it was too slippery for us to venture outside with the children, we brought the snow indoors. The kids experimented with the snow by adding food coloring to it, and even created a snow person with a fancy hat!

Happy birthday Lily!

Lola mixes in cat pj's

Oren gets a good stir in

Baxter and Sam, striped pajama twinsies

Rami gets some mixing in

Eamon and Robbie share the bowl

Pearl seems to enjoy her waffle

The kids can dip the waffles in honey or jam

Roxy and Jaden went for the honey option

Leo does some good mixing

Theo stirs the mix

Madeleine helps while Ocean and giraffey look on approvingly

So many cute kids in their jammies!

Tomoko came to jam!

The children practice snoozing. Morena is taking this very seriously.

Oren is ready for some snoozing

Sam and Lola get their hands snowy

The snow person is complete!

Some food coloring is added to the snow

The snow coloring becomes a brown mush.

Oren relaxes

Baxter, Roxy, and Lola lay down

Goodnight Morena!

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