Valentines Day

We celebrated Valentines Day last week with a lot of love and an abundance of cards and sweets!

The children prepared for the holiday by making valentine cards. In Vicki's class they asked "who do you love" and also frosted cookies and ate them in preparation for the sugar to come. Then on Thursday we came in with all of our valentines and gave them out. It was really sweet to see the children give their valentines to each friend, and it was cool to see the different cards that each family made. Love was in the air!

Robbie makes a heart

Lily at the easel

Roxy goes for lines

Morena makes circles around her heart

Pearl's heart is completely covered, but her love shines through

Ava kicks it old-school with some finger painting

Liam likes his cookie!

Baxter approved

Eamon likes the sprinkles

Rami adds his frosting

Eleanor considers her cookie options

Liam hands out his valentine

Eamon gives his valentines out

Pearl blasts off with Valentines Day

Pearl awaits her valentines

Rami hands Morena a heart

May the force be with Jaden as he hands out valentines

Thanks for the valentine, Oren!

Morena hands out her valentines

Robbie brings some PJ Mask action to his valentines

Lola shared some chocolate kisses!

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