5 Senses and Snow

The Seeds class has been learning about the five senses, and last week they covered the sense of taste. It was a yummy subject matter! One day they tasted sweet and sour by trying mango and lime. The next day they had salty and sour with some potato chips and lime again. The class was surprisingly game about the limes. Most of the children enjoyed them so much that they finished off the whole piece!

This week we had some snow fall on Wednesday, and we got to enjoy the remains on Thursday in the backyard. Vicki hid some "treasures" under the snow which the Sprouts class dug up with spoons or wooden popsicle sticks. Once the treasures were unearthed (they were play dough tools), the children continued to dig in the snow and explore how it changed their everyday scenery in the backyard.

Imani seems to like the lime!

Milo tries a lick and Nate gives it a thumbs up!

Salty and sour. . .

Lily enjoyed the salty more than the sour.

Nomi and Ava with their plates.

Casio seems less than thrilled with this bite

Leo ate his lime down to the rind!

Matthew seems happy with his lime

Theo ate two limes!

Nomi and her doll enjoyed the mango

Pearl found the circle

Jaden found a triangle

Baxter found a footprint

Oren digs in the snow with his spoon

Liam found a teddy bear shape

Morena surveys the treasures that were dug up

Roxy is on the lookout for treasure!

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