Clothing study

The Sprouts class began a clothing study last week that had them thinking about how we make clothes. They are also beginning to think about patterns on clothing, buttons and zippers, and what types of images and words decorate their clothing. A quick survey of the class one day found these objects decorating their outerwear:

1. a caticorn and 2 monsters

2. a bear

3. Donald Duck

4. a skateboard

5. a bunny

6. a zebra

7. a firetruck and letters that say "wooo"

The class has been reading books about clothes like, "The Girl Who Wore Too Much," "The Paper Bag Princess," and "Llama, Llama, Red Pajama." They created their own shirts, skirts, and pants from paper. They used paint and celery and sweet potatoes to make prints on their own cloth, which they can use as belts, scarves, or headbands.

The children have also been thinking about how to keep clothes clean. We visited a laundromat on Tuesday, and will be visiting another one this Friday. Prior to the visit the kids discussed how they get their clothes clean. Some have washers and dryers in their homes, others travel downstairs to the basement of the building or outside to a laundromat. Vicki showed them a video of how some people get their clothing clean by washing them in a stream. Fortunately we have machines to do the hard work!

When we got to the laundromat the children sketched pictures of the machines they saw. They noticed that some machines wash, some dry, and the dryers were warm. We met the owner of the laundromat who was very nice, and looked at the scale she uses to weigh the clothing before it gets laundered. Next week we will be creating our own washing machine out of cardboard!

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