An Ode to Open Play

When you drop your child off in the morning you will probably see the rest of the children engaging in "open play" or "choice time." This is the time of day between 8:30-9:50 when the children can choose what toys to play with. We have a few basic rules for this time--the toys must be used safely and appropriately, they must be shared if they're very popular, and they must be put away when it's time to move on to something else.

While this may look like an unimportant part of the day--after all, your child probably plays this way at home--it's actually pretty amazing. It's the time of the day when the children can play with their classmates. They are learning how to share, take turns, and clean up after themselves. They are learning how to speak to one another as they figure out how to build together with blocks, assemble a floor puzzle, or put together a tea party. It's the part of the day where they can also begin to make sense of the grown-up world around as they pretend to visit the doctor or go to work. In short, we love open play!! I could go on about it for awhile, but instead I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


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