Clothes part 2

We continued our study of clothes last week by doing our own washing in school. The week before we visited laundromats, last week we were able to get wash our own clothes. We had the children wash clothes in the sensory bin and use a line to dry them on. We also brought in a toy washer that they could use. This toy one makes realistic sounds and even has a spin cycle! Afterwards some of the kids practiced folding clothes. Unfortunately we can’t actually put water in it, but the kids had big fun with the machine nonetheless!

In Vicki's class the children started making their own cardboard washer/dryer unit. They painted it grey together and will soon add the buttons and compartments for washing and drying. Our smocks got so messy from the paint that we decided to return to the laundromat to wash our smocks, so we did that last Friday before we headed out to the parade grounds to run around together!

In Julanna's class the children are also studying clothes, but their study is more hands-on and practical. They are learning how to dress themselves! If some of you 2's parents have been noticing more independence, it may be because the class has been focusing on how to get their coats and shoes on all by themselves. Julanna has spotlighted some of the kids who are very adept at putting on their own shoes and coats, and they have shown their friends during circle time what tricks they have to make it easier to put on their own clothing. It has definitely inspired some of their other friends to do things on their own, and we teachers appreciate all of our independent dressers!

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