Dreaming of Spring . . . .

The weather has been up and down lately--it's not quite reliably warm, but it's definitely not winter anymore. It was a wonderful treat to get a bunch of Easter cookies from Eleanor's family last week! Eleanor's grandmother baked A LOT of beautiful cookies in the shape of bunnies, eggs, ducks, and tulips! Eleanor carefully handed them out and we all got to enjoy some early Easter treats.

Last week we also explored shapes in the older class, looking at the different blocks in our block area. We noticed how many sides each had, if they had sides, and how some sides were straight while others were curved. We also noticed how blocks can be small, medium, or large, and that two triangles can sometimes make a square or rectangle. We made outlines of the blocks and decorated them to use in our block area.

In honor of spring the 2's class made delicate butterflies. Fly butterflies, fly!! And bring some warm weather with you. . . .

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