Ava's birthday, bread, and seeds!

Last week we got off to a good start with Ava's birthday on Monday! Her parents brought pink cupcakes and read to us from a book called, "Pinkalicious." In the book the little girl turned pink from eating too many pink cupcakes, in real life we all had just one cupcake and no one suffered any pigment irregularities.

The Sprouts class began their unit on bread and have been trying different types of bread to see which ones they like the best. Last week we had pide from Turkey, croissants from France, Italian bread, and good old Wonder Wheat bread from America. We've been noticing the textures and shapes of the bread. The pide was bumpy and rectangular. The croissant was flaky and crescent shaped. The Italian bread was harder on top and long. The Wonder bread was square and so, so soft.

The Sprouts also read the book, "Stone Soup," about how a group of soldiers encouraged villagers to help them make soup, and the result is a communal meal that all of them enjoy. Afterwards the class made their own "stone soup" using the vegetables we have in our play market place. They each contributed their own ingredient and stirred it together to make it more yummy!

The Seeds class has been talking about spring and the changes it brings to the trees with the flowers and then leaves that appear. They created their own cherry blossom trees and painted leaves onto trees. They also used flowers to paint and the results were very beautiful!

To end the week we got our hands dirty with some dirt and grass seeds. First we explored soil in our sensory bins, then at circle time we looked at grass seeds, noticing their shape and color, and watched a short time-lapse film of grass growing. We talked about what seeds need to grow--soil, water, and sun. Our friends who were in Tiny Acorns last year were very expert on the subject! Then we made chia heads by filling up a stocking with grass seeds and soil. Every day we have been spritzing them with water and we're looking forward to seeing what happens!

Making stone soup

You stir it and stir it. . . .

Flower painting

Looking at the grass seeds

Filling up our chia heads

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