Making bread

Last week the Sprouts class began to explore making their own dough and bread. Roxy's mom, Anna, who is a real live baker came in and did a baking project with us. First she read to us from a book about making pizza. Then she showed us the ingredients for making dough. We looked at the flour, water, and yeast that she showed us, paying special attention to the yeast and how they plumped up in the water after a little while. The whole class got to knead and shape their own dough. They learned how flour can keep the dough from getting too sticky. Afterwards we ate some baked pretzels that Anna had brought in!

We brought flour into our sensory bins by making "moon sand," which consists of flour, food coloring, and vegetable oil. The children helped us make small batches and then we added them together. The results may be close to what you find on the moon. Who knows? We also made our own bread using our brand new bread machine! Working together we added all of the ingredients to the machine. Like in the recipe that Anna showed us, we needed flour, water, and yeast. We also needed some salt, sugar, and oil to get our loaf going. After all the ingredients were added we turned on the machine and watched it start. It was kneading the dough just as we had done! The school filled up with the delicious aroma of fresh baked bread, and when we were done we split the results. Most of the kids liked the inside of the bread rather than the crust, but there were a few crust-lovers in attendance!

We've also been monitoring the progress of our grass, which is growing pretty well! When the grass first came up we needed a magnifying glass to see it well, but it's been growing slowly and will need to be mowed pretty soon!

Smells, yeasty.

The yeast does it's thing

Moon sand

Filling up the bread machine with our ingredients

Grow seeds grow!

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