Pao de Queijo, Matzah, and Easter Eggs

We had a busy week before spring break! To continue our study of bread, Morena’s parents came in to show us how to make a special type of Brazilian cheese bread called Pao de Queijo. Together the children mixed together the ingredients and learned that it was a special type of bread that children eat in Brazil. Then they got to try some delicious samples that Lucilla and Gregoire brought for us to taste. This has been a delicious unit of study so far!

That week we also learned about the special type of bread that is eaten during Passover called matzah. The children have come to understand how yeast makes bread rise, so they were able to understand that if we don’t use yeast we can make flat bread. We rolled out the dough and poked it with forks to let the air escape from the matzah to prevent it from rising. The we tried some matzah together. It was not as rich as the Pao de Queijo, but it was crunchy. We also talked a bit about how a piece of matzah is hidden during the special meal that comes in the beginning of Passover.

At the end of the week we also got to hide some treats that are special for Easter. The teachers filled plastic eggs with treats and then let the kids hide them around the school. Later, the children went on an egg hunt and found the goodies that their friends had hidden for them!

We have also been exploring different grains by making pictures from buckwheat and corn meal. First we spread glue on paper and then we scattered the grains on to make unique collages. We have also been watching our grass grow! Although it may sound about as exciting as watching paint dry, it has been fun to see the shoots pop up! We have been watering, measuring, and observing the grass with our magnifying glasses.

The 2's also made matzah!

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