Roxy's birthday, Rami's mommy, and a new play structure!

Last week we had two visits from parents! We celebrated Roxy's birthday on Monday, and her mother Anna brought us cookies to enjoy! Rami's mother Michelle also came in last week to teach us about customs for the Eastern Orthodox Easter. Using turmeric, she and Rami had dyed the hard-boiled eggs a beautiful golden yellow. Michelle showed us a customary game where two people hit each others eggs and the one whose egg does not crack wins a round and can hit another person's egg. Michelle also brought in some pita to show us the bread that is customary to her native country--Lebanon. She also showed us how to spell the word for pita in Arabic, "khobez." Afterwards we ate some khobez with jam and hard-boiled eggs. Between the cookies and pita it was a very yummy week!

Last week Tomoko did a special lesson on Tuesday. She and her friend came to school and performed the music for a story called, "The Bear and the Sea," which tells the story of a bear who seems too big to play with his friends. They played music on the keyboard that echoed what was happening in the story. It was a beautiful performance and the children were captivated!

In outdoor news, we now have a play structure in our backyard! The children were pretty excited when they first saw it and have been using it carefully and share-fully. Thanks to all of you who contributed to the play structure fund in December!

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