Happy Birthday Milo! Happy Birthday Chaniece! Happy Mother's Day Everyone!!!! And Cupcakes!!!!!!

Last week was all about the moms. We talked to the kids about their moms and asked them why they loved their mothers. We got a lot of interesting answers. Some kids gave us answers that reflected what their moms do for them like, "she gives me breakfast," or "she's going to give me a crown for my birthday party." Other answers reflected the affection they receive from their moms like, "she snuggles with me." Whatever the reasons, and we're certain there are many!, the children were all very eager to talk about their mamas and make them presents for Mother's Day! We hope you all had a wonderful time on Mothers Day, despite the rainy weather!

Last week was all about birthdays as well! On Wednesday we celebrated Milo's birthday with a reading of "The Book with No Pictures," a book which proves that illustrators are unnecessary if you put the word "blarpf" in a book. We also had Lego cupcakes! On Friday we celebrated Chaniece's birthday with an ice cream cake. For some kids the existence of a cake made from ice cream was a new, confusing experience, but they soldiered on and seemed to enjoy the experience.

Roxy's mother, Anna, helped us celebrate the end of our bread unit in a most delicious way! She brought cupcakes into the school and helped us all frost and decorate them. The children were able to use blue and white stars, pink hearts, chocolate chips, and sprinkles to bedazzle the cupcakes. It was ... so YUMMY! Thanks so much Anna for helping us end that unit in style! Our next unit of study is seeds!

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