Seed Study and Challah Making!

Last week we began our seed study by looking at the different seeds we can find in everyday things that we eat. Some seeds were very small, like the ones on strawberries or kiwi. Some were bigger like a peach seed. And some are in the middle, like the ones in peppers or cantaloupe. We have already begun to learn some interesting things. For example, Baxter pointed out that eggplants are actually a fruit, not a vegetable. We looked it up and discovered he was right! We also discovered that raw corn is super tasty and that each kernel is a seed!

We noticed that some seeds can come on the outside like on a strawberry, but usually they are inside their fruit or vegetable. We spent one circle time looking at different seeds and then matching them to the vegetable or fruit that they can produce. The seeds all came in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Most of the kids were very enthusiastic about the carrot seeds, and we noticed that it's a very popular vegetable.

Last week Pearl's mom, Naomi, came in to do some challah making with the 3's class! We did it on Friday, because that is typically when Jewish families make the bread. Pearl's mom told us that challah is made before shabbat, which a time when people can rest after a long week. The children all demonstrated resting for us. Thanks kids! Then we worked together to knead and braid the challah. It was baked over at our old school, and sent home for the kids to enjoy.

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