Snails and eye-click beetles!

We've been making friends with some of our garden neighbors at the school! We brought in some snails for the children to look at and they were very fascinated by our tiny, slimy neighbors. The children looked at their curvy shells and peeked at them as the snails emerged, noticing that they have tentacles with eyes on top! The children asked what they liked to eat, and the internet revealed to us that among other things they like dandelion leaves. That was an easy grocery item for us to get, because there are a lot of dandelions growing outside our back gate! As soon as we put them in the box with the snails they emerged and started to munch. We also discovered that dripping or spraying water on them will also make them come out of their shells.

Another garden neighbor that we met, quite by chance, was the eye-click beetle. One of these strange bugs wandered into our backyard. None of us had ever seen such a bug, but it was really fascinating. It's upper body had circles that looked like eyes, but its real eyes were on its head. We talked about how the "eyes" on its back could fool predators into thinking that it could see them, and thus help protect it. Nature is cool! Except for mosquitoes. . .

We also took advantage of the warm weather by taking the Sprouts class to the far-away playground on Caton and E 16th. The children were super good. They listened and were excited to try the play structures over there. In our own backyard we've been digging up some of the seedlings that have been growing up around the mats on the ground. We replanted them and we're watching them to see what these "mystery seeds" become. Can we keep them alive long enough to find out? Stay tuned!

Who has eyes on the back of its back? The eye click beetle!

We let Mr. Beetle out on the other side of the gate after we observed him

Mystery seedlings

Playing at the far-away playground

Enjoying our backyard

It's all about that bass in Tomoko's class

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