Gardening and caterpillar growing

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at seeds and thinking about what they need to grow into a plant. We know that they require soil, water, sunlight and air. Last week we got to put our gardening skills to the test by planting some new sprouts in our vertical garden. We planted cucumber plants on the top so that they could grow up our fence and herbs on the bottom so that we could touch, smell, and taste them. In between them all we planted marigolds to brighten up the garden, and also because marigolds repel bugs that like to eat our crops!

The children noticed that the stalks of the cucumber plants were rough. We talked about how the cucumber plant makes flowers that will eventually become cucumbers! The children liked to smell some of the herbs. We planted mint, lavender, parsley, and thyme. Some of the children liked the taste of the mint and some decidedly do not!

Our caterpillars are continuing to grow and will soon be making themselves into chrysalises. We no longer need magnifying glasses to see them. Unfortunately there are only two--three of them did not seem to survive the journey to us in Brooklyn--but the two we have are thriving and will hopefully make some butterflies soon!

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