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About our Preschool

We believe that early education is the foundation that influences a child’s later years in school. When children have positive experiences in their early education, those experiences will affect how they view themselves as thinkers and learners. Our goal is to nurture the curiosity of all our students so that they feel comfortable with themselves, their friends, and their teachers.

We think young children learn best when they are given the opportunity to explore their environment in a hands-on way. When they are allowed to ask a lot of questions and take part in finding those answers. We believe young children need to engage with their peers to learn essential socialization skills. This is also a time when they need play areas in the classroom that will help them make sense of the grownup world around them.


We also believe that each child is an individual, and has his or her own talents and limitations. We try to respect what is unique about each child, and play to those strengths while remaining aware of any challenges. We think that by modeling respect and inclusion in our classroom we can teach these values to the other children. Our classroom should always be a place where everyone feels safe and valued.

Our program is a play-based, child-led model.  Our curriculum is thematic and guided by the interests of both the children and their teachers. This allows them to explore the world on their own terms and allows ample time for free play. There is an added focus on nature in our urban environment, which we use to introduce new topics of interest and activities to the kids.  We firmly believe that children learn best through play and our top priority is to provide a fun, safe, dynamic environment that they can engage in.

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