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What is your curriculum like?


We take our cues from the natural world and the interests of the children. Our curriculum incorporates the seasons and holidays, so over the winter we might study snow, animal habitats in winter, and the Lunar New Year. We also try to follow the interests of our children-- if they are fascinated by dinosaurs we would read books on the subject, put out dinosaur toys and puzzles, and make dinosaur tracks in our playdough. We believe that any topic can be an opportunity for learning, and we try to encourage the children’s curiosity and passion.


What is your discipline policy?


Our goal at Tiny Acorns is to create a community of friends. We try to model good behavior and help the children learn how to share and use the materials in appropriate ways. When issues arise we respond according to the situation. The problem may require redirecting the child’s attention, providing a new toy, or pulling the child away from the group for some time to calm down. If we remove a child from an activity it is never done in a punitive way, but as a way for the child to calm down and regroup.


What is your sickness policy? What are your protocols for Covid-19?


We follow the regulations of the Department of Health. If a child has is found to have a fever of 100 degrees or above he or she will have to be sent home. All children must be fever-free for 48 hours before returning to school. In cases of diarrhea or vomiting all children must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. If a child has had lice he or she must be lice and nit free before returning.

Due to Covid-19 we have implemented many new health and safety policies in accordance with the DOH. They include daily health checks for children and staff.


What is your daily schedule?


8:30-9:00—arrival, indoor play, and center time

9:00-9:30 — indoor play, and center time

9:30—circle time 

9:45 —morning snack

10:00-10:30 —morning meeting and project time

10:30-11--outdoor time

11-12 Gym or Music




2:30-3:00—indoor play/pickup

Aftercare Hours

3:00-4:00—outdoor play


4:15-5:30—free play/center time and pickup


What is your payment schedule?


We ask our parents to provide us with a deposit once they accept a spot in the program, as well as a registration fee. This deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the last payment of the school year. The other payments will be billed in 12 monthly installments throughout the year.  All payments will be accepted via our online platform Brightwheel or by check. There will be a $25 late fee applied to payments made after three business days and $50 after five business day.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

What holidays do you take off, and do you offer summer camp?


We run on a 12 month schedule so you don't have to worry about childcare coverage over the summer!

Our calendar does not completely follow the Department of Education calendar. We do begin the same week as the DOE, and take off for the same long breaks and Federal holidays.

What are the ages of children in your program?


In our preschool program we care for children from the ages of 2 years to 4 years old. 

What is your student to teacher ratio?

For our younger children, the 2's group, we have two teachers for a group of 8 children. For the 3's class we have three teachers for a group of 12.  We also have cluster classes in music, gym, and art with additional teachers.

Do you provide potty training?


We do not require children to be potty-trained, but are happy to encourage potty use in our school if your child is starting that process.  We want to support your goals in this process and will partner with you if your child has had success at home using the potty.  However, while we are happy to support the goals for your child in that area, if we see regression we may ask parents to provide us with pull-ups or trainers.  

Do you go on field trips?


We live in such a beautiful neighborhood that it would be a shame not to enjoy it! We do take neighborhood walks and visit the parade grounds when the weather permits.  We also occasionally take longer trips to the Botanic Gardens and BAM.

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